The Cheshire Community Action team has bought the historic building in downtown Cheshire, thumb a building that was once a theatre and Grange meeting hall, pills and is now slated to become a refurbished community center for the Cheshire area, with a particular focus on family and youth activities.

The Grange Hall

The Grange Hall

With the help of NYS Senator Dale Volker, CCAT received a grant of $50,000 which has been used to purchase the property “free and clear” and to secure the building against the elements in preparation for the renovation work scheduled to begin later in the year.

CCAT members and friends turned out in great numbers to prepare the building to meet the terms of sale. During this cleanup many old Playbills from the turn of the century were discovered. The first three reproductions are available for sale. These reproductions available at the Company Store and The Mad Hatter Hair Salon in Cheshire NY
Individual Posters @ $10.00 + tax of $.75 = $10.75 $1.05 shipping
Set of 3 Posters @ $25.00 + tax of $1.88 = $26.88 $1.49 shipping
Also available by mail by calling Fred or Nancy Goodnow (585)394-0783

Click here to see these Playbills

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