Earmark Your Next Contribution Specifically for the CMH South Wall Foundation Project! So often we contribute to a large charity or not-for- profit only to see a significant portion of our hard-earned dollars eaten up by administration and management fees.


Friday’s United Way Day of Caring was another resounding success.

The main floor is cluttered but CLEAN (swept, vacuumed and mopped), new glass in all the windows washed and ready for inspection. The entire heating plant has also been dismantled and carted away for recycling. IN ADDITION — – the entire floor in the lower level is cut away to bare ground. The dilapidated remains of the “catwalk & shed roof” hanging off the West side of the building are also all cut away and the inside of the front wall is now removed so we can begin ripping off and replacing the outside at our convenience. It was one Heck of a productive day and we owe a great debt of thanks to the United Way Day of Caring volunteers from the City of Canandaigua DPW who, along with Al Cooper, Kevin Reynolds, Kevin Broomfield and Jim Rose did a GREAT job and accomplished way more than Nancy & I imagined possible.

The left overs from the Friday United Way Day of Caring clean up are now loaded in the dumpster. This morning Al Cooper, Kevin Reynolds, Kevin Broomfield along with his sister Cris and her 5 year daughter (forgot her name already but she’s cute as a bugs ear) and myself filled the dumpster to capacity and it took everything left so – - -another job well done.

Many thanks to everyone who helped with this project!